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The Platform and Development Tools You Need
The Hassle You Don't


Eliminate complexity - Save Time - Hosting Managed Services
A Simple Turnkey Solution for Your Business


Secure Modern Hosting

A containerized platform built on the technology and principles that make the Cloud Native Computing Foundation great.  Hosting on the internet has largely been unchanged since the advent of the WWW in 1991.  It took exceptional companies running at massive scale to cause a fundamental shift in hosting.  It also took the Open Source movement to help the industry understand that working together to solve common problems produces better quality.  Our platform is built using modern computing systems that are firmly rooted in open source projects like Kubernetes and the concepts of containerization.

Fully Managed Hosting - 99.9% SLA - Expert Hosting Partner

With the hosting platform you don't need to worry about sysadmin, configurations, updates, etc.  We've got that covered.  You can focus on your business and let your creatives be creative!  Our SLAs ensure that we've got it covered and you and your team don't need to stay up all night trouble shooting issues.  Partner with one of our Technical Account Managers and it’s like you have your own internal DevOps team working to keep you competitive.

Drupal and WordPress Hosting Designed by Drupal and Wordpress Developers

With DRUD Tech hosting you get a best of breed, modern cloud based technology stack and you also get the expertise of our team. DRUD Tech hosting was built by industry experts that are seasoned and renowned Drupal and WordPress Developers.  That's why DRUD Tech hosting is a great platform for your team, you aren't dealing with a level 1 tech ever - you get access to the brain trust who’ve engineered and designed the platform.  All our customers are premium level and it's all managed for you!

Application Layer Expertise

The roots of DRUD Tech come from our experience in the Drupal and Wordpress communities. We have developed and deployed some of the most intense sites on the internet.  From high traffic to security-focused, mission-critical data we are aware of how to configure hosting and application to work together in the best way possible.

Turn-key DevOps

Our platform is designed to work seamlessly from local development to hosting in a continuously seamless fashion.  The reduced complexity and portability provided by an end to end solution combined with one of our technical account managers are like having a fully matured DevOps department in your organization.

Performant Load Times - Does Your Agency Provide the Best User Experience Possible for Customers?

The DRUD Tech hosting and development tooling platform was built by developers and tech leads for developers and tech leads.  We know that page load times impact everything from a streamlined customer experience to your client's Google rankings.  With DRUD Tech Hosting - you don't have to worry about this being a performance factor - you will get the speed and performance your customers demand.  Our performance will become your competitive advantage!

Clustering Technology - Scale Up or Down As Needed

Performance and downtime are critical to your team and customers.  Modern hosting for modern applications - with DRUD Tech hosting you get the most advanced technology to ensure your customers are always online.  
DRUD Tech Managed Hosting is:

  • Portable: public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud
  • Extensible: modular, pluggable, hookable, composable
  • Self-healing: auto-placement, auto-restart, auto-replication, auto-scaling

Eliminate Complexity and Cut out Costs for Infrastructure
You Don’t Use

How much infrastructure are you paying for that you don't need and doesn't apply to your business?  How modern is your cloud stack? Resources are limited.  Are you currently paying for hardware you don't use so that you have capacity in case of a spike?  With the hosting platform, you pay for what you use.  Cut your overhead with unnecessary costs and better manage your resources while providing clustered burst capabilities for traffic events.

Managed Hosting by DRUD Technology

Are you ready to empower your teams and developers, and eliminate the time, hassle, and complexity of deploying Drupal and WordPress sites? 

One PaaS - DRUD Tech Managed Hosting - Delivers it all: 

  • Profitably Serve New Customer Segments and Increase Your Margins
  • Swiftly and Easily Test Updates
  • Quickly Deploy Local Drupal and WordPress Sites

Learn How You Can Get a Free Personalized Hosting Optimization Report Outlining the Top Actions You Can Take to Become a DevOps Focused Organization, Reduce Complexity and Regain Control of Your Hosting in 2018